Children bring home a brochure or come to your door and they have a brochure from which a mom or family member chooses from. Most organizations have had success raising the funds needed for their important causes.

Here's how pre-sale brochures works:

  • Upon receiving our brochure and order form, each selling member shows them to family, friends, neighbors, work or wherever they feel comfortable selling. The selling member briefly explains the great opportunity to not only help out your organization but to also get a great gourmet product at an affordable price.

  • The supporters choose which flavors  they wish to purchase. The purchase is recorded on the order form.

  • Accept payments in the form of personal checks (ideally) at the same time.

  • At the end of the selling period (we suggest two-three weeks), all order forms are turned in to the fundraising coordinator, along with all the money.

  • These order forms are sent to Anita's Biscottis along with the money owed for the products and shipping. We have included all shipping into the price point and profit margins.

  • Orders are processed and shipped to the organization or group within 10 - 14 business days depending on the size of the order. Each order is freshly baked, packaged and shipped so we need enough time to process the order. If your order is extremely large, we will contact you with an estimated date of arrival.

  • Once delivered, selling members must deliver the products as soon as possible to each customer.

Advantages of Pre-Sale Brochure Programs

  • No investment, we supply all the brochures.

  • No inventory. No guess work. You only buy what you've pre-sold.

  • Parents & adults can be included in the selling and collecting of money often resulting in higher sales.

To receive your free fundraising kit, call us at 610-678-7178 or send us an email letting us know how many brochures you require along with your name, address and telephone number.