Monthly Specialty Flavor: Peach Mango

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Peach Mango: a blend of dried, diced mangos and peaches blended into one great biscotti with a peach glaze on top


Regular size: 6"

Every month Anita's offers a monthly specialty flavor of homemade gourmet Italian biscotti cookies. Cookies are only available during the specified months:

  1. January - Hot Chocolate: triple chocolate biscotti with milk and white chocolate on top and micro mini marshmallows
  2. February - Red Velvet: A red velvet biscotti with cream cheese and white chocolate frosting....delicious!
  3. March - Choco-Mint-Chip: A delicious chocolate biscotti with crème de menthe chips and crème de menthe chocolate spread on top with a green, chocolate swirl. 
  4. April - Key Lime: A delicious key lime biscotti with lime zest and a white chocolate drizzle
  5. May - Hummingbird: Banana Biscotti with pecans and pineapples, a touch of cinnamon with cream cheese chocolate on top and crushed sprinkled pecans. Delicious!
  6. June - Moose Tracks - Vanilla biscotti with mini peanut butter cups and dark chocolate chunks with peanut butter chocolate and dark chocolate on top
  7. July - Mixed Berry White Chocolate Chunk: A vanilla biscotti with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and white chocolate chunks topped with a delicate, white chocolate glaze.
  8. August - Peach Mango: a blend of dried, diced mangos and peaches blended into one great biscotti with a peach glaze on top
  9. September - Cookies n' Cream: A delicious biscotti made with crushed Oreos in a rich batter and topped with Oreos and White Chocolate! Yummmmm!
  10. October - Caramel Apple: A cinnamon biscotti with infused cinnamon and sugar, pieces of apple and caramel balls throughout, and topped with a cinnamon glaze.
  11. November - Pumpkin: Made with real pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice white chocolate on the side.
  12. December - Peppermint Stick, Eggnog, & Gingerbread


Anita's Biscottis are perfect as wedding favors, for baby showers and business events. We can create biscotti to accent your special day or party. Create a special flavor, or accented with ribbon ties to make the theme flow throughout your event. Full size or mini's will make any event special. Call 610-678-7178 today or email us to see what Anita's can do for you!


(17 reviews) Write a Review

17 Reviews

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    Monthly Theme Flavor

    Posted by Ann Charette on Jul 15th 2019

    I love Anita's Biscotti because they do not crumble into my coffee like some other brands. I look forward to the flavor of the month. The mixed berry is very good but my favorite was their Strawberry flavor of the month. Hope they make this a permanent one. I look forward to December for the pumpkin (another of my favorites).

  • 5

    Posted by Christine on Jul 9th 2019

    Decadent combination of berries and dark chocolate. Recommended.

  • 5

    Posted by AnnC on May 28th 2019

    Love this monthly flavor. The main reason I love Anita's biscotti are they don't crumble when dipping into coffee.

  • 5
    Another winner!

    Posted by Dianne Tussing on May 21st 2019

    When I think I have a favorite, Anita comes up with a new option. The Strawberry Cream is perfect for anyone who loves these berries. Even family members who have never been fond of biscotti love this flavor. The "cookie" part doesn't crumble and the fruit pieces are large. Stock up on this flavor while you can!

  • 5

    Posted by Ann L Charette on Apr 11th 2019

    I love the monthly flavor list. You can find flavors you won't see in the grocery store. This month, Hummingbird, sounded delicious. So I ordered 12 and so glad I did. Delish!!

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    Fast Shipping

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 27th 2018

    I was late in ordering a Christmas gift that needed to be shipped. When I made the order, within an hour, I got an emailed marked shipped, and I know it arrived on time. Wonderful!

  • 5

    Posted by Ann Charette on Nov 9th 2018

    Every year, I am a difficult time finding Pumpkin Biscotti. Was so glad to see Anita's Biscotti offering Pumpkin Pie Biscotti.
    They are so delicious.

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    fantastic flavor!

    Posted by Mozelle on Feb 12th 2018

    It's too bad that this is not available all year round, as we would order it EVERY time. Impossible to stock up on, but we try...