Wholesale Biscotti

Would you like to offer your customers Anita's gourmet specialty biscotti and other specialty products?

Pioneering and leading the industry in specialty gourmet biscotti, Anita's offers unique flavors that will enhance your current product line and help with customer loyalty. Choose from our over 24 menu flavors, a monthly theme flavor or we'll work with you to create your own signature flavor. Use our label or private label our delicious biscotti that keeps customers coming back for more!

With sales of our biscotti products increasing daily combined with our creative appearance, exceptional flavors and tantalizing textures, we're confident that Anita's Biscotti products will bring you higher sales and a loyal customer base.

Register and order a Wholesale Sampler to discover for yourself just why we are the leading gourmet biscotti specialty company. Once you've registered online for a wholesale account and tasted our products, we'll contact you via email or phone to provide you with more information and to discuss your specific needs. We'll send you our wholesale pricing information or you can download it from our wholesale site. If you don't see a flavor that interests you, we'll happily discuss your desires and see if it's possible to create a unique flavor for your business.

Serving both the commercial and individual consumer markets, Anita's Biscotti meets the quality demands of leading retailers and catalog companies such as Land's End and more. We will supply you with our standard recipes without a label or create a recipe just for you. Label them with your own unique label or have our designer create a label just for you and your business. You have a quality product that will keep your customers coming back for more. Whatever you choose, Anita's Biscotti is your best choice, and here's why:


Just try a sample of our products. They speak for themselves. Quality is built into every single aspect of our products and our business. It is first in everything we do. We set extremely high standards and strive to rise above those standards. We guarantee that our products will meet your requirements.


We offer complete product development services, from recipe creation to information that will help you get the most from shelf life of our biscotti products. All ingredients and products are tracked for your safety plus we guarantee that we only use the finest ingredients available to create your special recipe. Bring us an idea or a recipe. Either way, when your product is displayed in your place of business you can be assured that it will meet the highest standards of taste, safety, quality, and integrity. Anita's Biscotti offers over 24 different standard flavors or you can choose your own recipe and we'll work with you to create something spectacular and fill it to your satisfaction.


After having tasted what was currently on the market, Anita's Biscotti knew that what was being offered to the public was not of the highest quality. Anita's Biscotti was established to provide high quality gourmet specialty biscotti products to a perceptive market and to provide unique flavor and texture combinations to excite palettes. 

Today, Anita's Biscotti has continued to offer quality ingredients in quality products in new and exciting original recipes.

Anita's Biscotti products continue to evolve with the current demand and our food products embody enchantment and bounty of flavor and texture combinations. Leading the market with a strategy focusing on texture of freshness, originality of recipes and flavors, and artistic appearance, Anita's Biscotti uses only the finest ingredients and maintains quality control in every product that is produced in our kitchen.


You have the option of providing your own labels and artwork or take advantage of our custom design label services for an additional design fee. Use our recommended commercial printers or we can print in-house for smaller quantities. If you have the capability of printing your own labels but need digital files, we’ll gladly provide you with all designed artwork on CD for your files and use.


You can receive the biscotti individually wrapped with an ingredient label and all you have to do is apply your label or we’ll do it for you for a small fee.


Whether you order one loaf of biscotti or 100 loaves, Anita’s will work closely with you to make sure you have a quality product that will brand your business as one that offers only the finest food products.

Drop Ship Wholesale & Private Label Resell Biscotti Orders

Anita's will drop ship your wholesale or private label reseller orders. We'll make it look like the biscotti cookie orders are coming from you! It's so simple, it's unbelievable as to why you didn't take advantage of this opportunity before. Selling products is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. You ListList our products on your web site and when you get an order, simply give us a call or log into your drop ship account on our web site and place your order telling us where you want the order sent to and letting us know this is a drop ship order in the comments box when checking out in the shopping cart.
  2. We SupplyWe bake daily so your customer is assured to receive a freshly baked product, which is sent out making it look as if it's coming directly from you.
  3. You Profit -The product sells, the customer pays you the price you set on your web store, you pay Anita's Biscottis the wholesale price plus shipping and you keep the profit!

Register today to recieve for wholesale pricing or contact us today for more information about private labeling our products for your business.

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